FREE Printables for a Proper Harry Potter Party!

Here's what you need for a proper Potter party: Harry Potter party supplies, decorations, favors, games, food, and activities! No sweat, right?

Luck for you I've got you covered with my FREE Harry Potter printables! That's right, I'm sharing my free Harry Potter fan art to help spread the HP love, from one Harry Potter fan to another.

Your free Harry Potter printables include: Harry Potter Honeydukes candy labels, have you seen this wizard and witch photo props, a pin the scar on Harry Potter game, and Harry Potter signs so you can create a great HP atmosphere for your party.

Did you know that I have tons of other fantastic printables to help busy grownups create calm routines for their little ones? It's true, check 'em out and get organized today.

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Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking. Give me the HP printables! Keep scrolling, my friend.

So here's the rub: Harry Potter is protected by copyright, so you can only use these things for personal use, and I can only share them with you for free. Your local print shop may not be willing to print these or any other items that are derived from copyright protected characters for you, so call before you send them in for printing.

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Click here to download free Harry Potter printables now!

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December 30, 2019 — Lori Oster


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