How to Slow Down

Can you feel it? Pressing in from all sides?

Invading spaces that were once sacred, but they're connected in all sorts of wrong, insidious, terrifying ways now.

Black Friday mania. Obligatory social engagements. Picture-perfect days out and about with the kids, taking in every single opportunity available. Not a frown in sight.

Well, it's all too much for me, and I quit. Will you join me?

Everything I create is designed to help you slow down and savor the moment.

Let's drop out of out of the chaos and pressure and make space for meaningful connection with the ones we love.

Let's say no to consumerism, to this notion that you can buy some thing tomorrow that will somehow transform how you feel about your life today.

Let's be revolutionary and fight against the machine that feeds itself on our mass delusion that giving an item to someone is somehow more valuable than giving them our time.

Let's start new traditions this year. Skip the store-bought decorations and games and gifts, and make your own, instead. Skip the endless shopping trips for more and better presents, and make time for the people you love, instead. Skip the stress of picture-perfect parties and throw a good-enough gathering, instead.

Say no to stress, and debt, and pressure this year, and say yes to meaning, and connection, and memories

Will you be a rebel and protect your time? Say it with me: Buzz off consumerism, and social pressure, and societal expectations, and the temptation to choose picture-perfect over good-enough.

This year you can find me at home with my chipped nails sipping instant hot chocolate in my messy house, with my messy kids, and my probably-napping-on-the-couch husband. We'll be lighting candles and hanging homemade decorations and definitely eating a lot of takeout. And it will be grand.

Won't you join us?

Make your own gifts with my beautiful printables

Make your own decorations with my simple printables

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December 25, 2019 — Lori Oster

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