How To Make Space for Meaningful Connection

How To Make Space for Meaningful Connection

It's a radical thing to commit to a life in the slow lane, to resist the pressure and conditioning to GO GO GO and BUY BUY BUY. It's radical, but it's worth it. 

I invite you to create a monthly ritual of connection in your home. I know all too well how easy it is to get so swept up in the daily grind. Days blur, and suddenly you can't remember the last time you shared a belly laugh with your kids. (This is why I create all of my printables, after all. They are all designed to help you celebrate every normal day.)

A simple way to make space for meaningful connection is to make an adventure box.

I found this idea here when I was searching for new ideas for giving my kids experiences instead of things for Hanukkah.

It's pretty simple. Here's how it works:

    • Print and cut your adventure box cards (or make your own!)
    • Put each card in its own envelope labeled with the month
    • Put the envelopes in a box or some other container, and give it to your kids.
    • Voila! You are now the proud owner of an adventure box!

    This adventure box makes the perfect gift any time of year.

    How do I make it?

        • Get your FREE! download of my adventure box cards when you sign up for my newsletter below! Or make your own cards!) This printable includes twelve monthly adventure cards and one invitation card featuring seasonal (northern hemisphere) imagery and text about that month's adventure.

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      • Print and cut your cards. There are two versions: one is a scratch-off version, and one is a regular version. (See below for details about how to make the scratch-off version.)
      • Put each card in an envelope, label the envelope with the month's name, and put them all in a box. I use a photo box.
      • Wrap the box and give it to your children with the intro card.
      • At the beginning of every month, open that month's card and make plans for your adventure!
      • I like to collect a memento from each experience to put back into that month's envelope. Then at the end of the year we go back through the envelopes and reminisce on our year of adventures together.

      What adventures will we be going on?

      If you use my adventure box printable, you'll be doing these things over the next year:

        • January: Let's go to an indoor play place!
        • February: Let's go out for hot cocoa!
        • March: Let's try something new (you fill this one in yourself)
        • April: Let's invite friends for a game night!
        • May: Let's have a YES DAY!
        • June: Let's check out a new local spot!
        • July: Let's make our own ice cream!
        • August: Let's have an end of summer party!
        • September: Let's have a make-your-own-pizza party!
        • October: Let's have a family date night!
        • November: Time for another YES DAY!
        • December: Let's go to the movies!

        How do I make scratch-off cards?

        I purchased these 1" round scratch-off stickers from Amazon, but you can also make your own scratch-off paint with just a few ingredients:

        All you need is:

          • liquid dish soap
          • acrylic paint
          • clear packing tape
          • a paint brush

          Directions: Mix 1 part liquid dish soap to 2 parts paint for your scratch-off paint. Cover the scratch-off circle with packing tape, and then paint over the circle part. Depending on your paint, this might take a couple layers. Once the paint is dry, your cards are ready to go into their envelopes!

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          December 30, 2019 — Lori Oster