It should be easy to switch to life in the slow lane, right?

Life in the slow lane means less chaos, less pressure, fewer obligations. It means rejecting hustle culture in favor of focusing on what matters. It means saying no to every single thing that does not serve your family in order to make space for more of what matters.

And when we're too busy to share a weeknight meal, or to linger and chat after pickup while the kids run around with friends, or to even park the car and walk our children to the door to give them a proper goodbye--something is lost.

Sure, we all have a lot on our To Do lists, and some (many) of those things are non-negotiable. But everyone deserves to live a life full of meaning, and we believe meaning is made in moments of connection. Connection with our children, with our partners, with our community.

So why do so many of us feel disconnected? Why is Motherhood so often synonymous with loneliness?

We struggle because it's hard. It's hard to resist the cultural pressure; to ignore the busyness imperative; to tune out capitalism's invasive messaging that meaning is just a purchase away.

So what do we do?

We start small. We take it slow. We look at our family's rhythm and we make a little space to connect. We start saying no a bit more. We schedule the things that really matter, and we actually write them in our calendars to hold that space. Family dinner. Family night after school--everyone home. Morning calendar time.

The good thing about slowing down is that it's a forgiving process. Any change you make is progress, and since the goal isn't productivity, even the smallest shifts in your routine count.

Every tiny space you carve out and reserve for slowing down is a victory.

You've already won by taking a few minutes to read this article. You've planted a seed of intention, and now it's time to let it grow.

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We are so glad you've decided to join us.