Our mission is to help you slow down and savor the moment.

Our printables make it easy to create an unhurried life, full of meaningful moments of connection with the ones you love.

 Here at Luftmensch Designs, we are rebels; we believe in these counter-cultural things, and these beliefs drive every single decision we make about what to create, and what not to create.

  1. Habitual consumerism is a pandemic that is making all of us sick.
  2. We need community to thrive.
  3. Presence is more important than productivity.
  4. Handmade gifts are treasures.
  5. Low-waste living is the only responsible way.
  6. Simple and meaningful always trumps picture-perfect.

Habitual consumerism is a pandemic that is making all of us sick.

Capitalism grooms us to become good little consumers, who conflate the pursuit of stuff with the pursuit of happiness. We reject this premise at Luftmensch Designs, and we are committed to selling items that help inspire and create meaning in your life.

We reject fast fashion and throwaway culture, which is why you won't find any holiday-specific merch in our shop besides Shabbat and Halloween items. Why the exceptions? Because Shabbat happens 52 times a year, and because we believe costumes should be worn any time and not just on Halloween. So please don't take offense when we turn down your request for Hanukkah merch (and we do get a lot!) It's not you, it's us. We aren't comfortable creating single-use apparel, and we hope you'll reconsider buying single-use items, too.

We need community to thrive.

We believe we pay a price for our privilege, and that price is the loss of community. We sacrifice shared experience for convenience when we wash our clothes at home, play in our own fenced-in yards, and work such long hours to maintain expensive lifestyles that we leave little time for leisure.

We reject hustle culture and the notion that success is somehow tied to external achievements and benchmarks. Instead, we create space for shared experiences, and meaningful connection. Our printables invite you to slow down, and work together to create something truly worthy of your time. We invite you to include others in your projects, and in the process to foster community where there might otherwise be isolation. Make bookmarks with your neighbors. Have a calendar-making party with your class. Hang a holiday countdown in your community center.

Everything we create is designed to help bring people together.

Presence is more important than productivity.

Time is our most precious commodity, and we resist the cultural pressure to spend what little time we have in the pursuit of busyness. We choose to be present in the current moment, instead. This is why you'll find so many calendars and trackers here--because we believe in honoring the current moment, in making space to be present now.

The simple ritual of setting your perpetual calendar to the current day each morning sends a powerful message that, though there's nothing wrong with setting goals, right now matters, too.

Handmade gifts are treasures.

When you make something for (or with) someone you give them the greatest gift of all--your time. All of our printables are designed to help you create beautiful, meaningful items with your own hands, no matter your creative or artistic abilities. Children take great pride in their work, and a calendar they cut themselves, or a bookmark topped off with a bow tied by your favorite little hands, holds the memory of who we were when we gave and received these items.

We reject the pressure to conflate price tags with value, and we invite you to join us as we make handmade gifts for your dear ones. Besides, the average consumer discards new items within six months of acquisition--that is an enormous amount of waste for very little usage. Share meaning, instead.

Low-waste living is the only responsible way.

Consumer culture wreaks havoc on more than just our wallets and hearts--it is destroying our planet. We believe low-waste living is an obligation we have to future generations.

When you download a printable and create beautiful things with mere sheets of paper in place of purchasing items that have been packaged and shipped to you, you engage in low-waste living. Thank you for joining us.

Simple and meaningful always trumps picture-perfect.

We resist the pressure for perfection and choose good-enough, instead. Everything we create is designed with our children in mind, and children are never here for the photo opp. The magic moments our children will cherish are created in the spaces where we are truly present with them. In fact, we have a suspicion that simple and good-enough are better than the most perfectly staged scene. Our materials, while beautiful, are always created with simple and meaningful in mind. Always.