Our mission is to create beautiful, meaningful materials to help children learn about time and celebrate every day.

Our vision is to fill your home and classroom with high quality calendary materials, because every child deserves to live in a beautiful environment.

We Believe
  • Time is our most precious commodity
  • Rhythm, ritual, and routine are the cornerstones of a secure childhood
  • Handwork is the most meaningful work
  • A beautiful environment grows beautiful children
  • All children deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things
About me. I'm Lori Oster, your head Luftmensch.

I'm a calendarist, an amateur horologist, a costume designer, and an educator.

Luftmensch Designs is *almost* a one-woman show. All of the digital art you see here is designed, created, and distributed exclusively by me. All of the merchandise you see here is designed exclusively by me, and I work with professional printing partners across the US and Europe who print my work onto high-quality items, and in some cases they ship them to you on my behalf.

I'm inspired to create things that make our lives more beautiful, and that encourage us to slow down and connect as we move through each day.

Thank you so much for visiting Luftmensch Designs. I hope you find something special to bring into your home today.