About Luftmensch. At Luftmensch Designs, we live with our head in the clouds, creating whimsical, artful delights that empower you to live in the moment. Transform your family’s morning routine from crazed to celebratory with unique time trackers. Connect to life’s natural rhythms—and teach little ones to do the same—with hands-on calendars to mark the passage of days, moons, and seasons. Join a community of families embracing a more mindful pace. Some of us are Jewish. (Sleepover camp, anyone?). Some are Montessorians. (Mats and rods and pink towers, oh my!) All are quirky, intentional, and brave enough to savor beauty and slow. things. down.

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About me. I'm Lori Oster, your head Luftmensch. This is *almost* a one-woman show. All of the digital art you see here is designed, created, and distributed exclusively by me. All of the merch you see here is designed exclusively by me, and I work with professional printing partners across the US and in Europe who print my work onto high-quality items and then ship them to you on my behalf.

Among other things I'm a Jewish mama, an English professor, a writer, an artist, a reader, and a Montessorian.

My son was born in 2012, and since his birth I've learned a lot of hard lessons about the relentlessness of time. We try to live a curious, unhurried life that allows us to savor the small moments. If I've learned anything since becoming a mom, it's that time moves very fast, whether you like it or not. Our daughter was born in 2016, and having two children seems to have sped things up even more.

I'm inspired to create things that make our lives more beautiful, and that inspire us to slow down and connect as we move through each day.

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