Our mission is to create beautiful, meaningful materials to help children learn about time.

Our vision is to fill all classrooms with high quality calendary materials, because every child deserves to learn in a beautiful environment.


Time is our most precious commodity.

When we think about what's important, and what we should honor in life, we start with a simple question: What is fleeting?

The answer, of course, is time. This is why we believe time, above all else, is our most precious commodity. And this is why we offer you a full line of calendary items to help you and your children and students track, and honor, and understand this elusive concept of time, and the role it plays in all our lives.

Rhythm, ritual, and routine are the cornerstones of a secure childhood.

Whether we carefully craft them or simply fall into them, each of our lives has its own rhythm. We believe in making beautiful music of our life's rhythm by implementing simple, meaningful rituals and routines into our days. Routine is the foundation of order, and there is nothing young children need more in their lives than order to feel safe and secure.

Our calendars and trackers are the perfect tools to help you create the routines and rituals children crave. Gather around the wall calendar every morning to set the trackers for a new day. Say a good morning rhyme with your children in front of your perpetual calendar as you set to the new date.

Handwork is the most meaningful work.

"The hand is tool of the mind." "What the hand does the mind remembers." "The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence." "The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself." These are just some of the things Dr. Maria Montessori said about the importance of handwork for children.

We make printables designed to get children involved with the creation of their classroom and home materials. A perpetual calendar cut by a child with its wobbly circles will be more cherished than any store bought calendar you can find.

A beautiful environment grows beautiful children.

"The child should live in an environment of beauty." Another insight from Dr. Montessori, and we agree. Children thrive in a beautiful, ordered environment, and we believe that all children deserve to live and learn surrounded by beauty.

This is why we work so hard to create stunning materials, and why we remain committed to making them available to you as affordable printables because we believe all children deserve to work with beautiful materials.

About me. I'm Lori Oster, your head Luftmensch.

I'm a calendarist, an amateur horologist, a costume designer, and an educator.

Luftmensch Designs is *almost* a one-woman show. All of the digital art you see here is designed, created, and distributed exclusively by me. All of the merchandise you see here is designed exclusively by me, and I work with professional printing partners across the US and Europe who print my work onto high-quality items, and in some cases they ship them to you on my behalf.

Among other things, I'm a Jewish mama, and English professor, a writer, an artist, a reader, and of course, a Montessorian.

My son was born in 2012, and since his birth I've learned a lot of hard lessons about the relentlessness of time. Our daughter was born in 2016, and having two children seems to have only sped things up even more.

I'm inspired to create things that make our lives more beautiful, and that encourage us to slow down and connect as we move through each day.

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