I also believe *every* child deserves to grow in a beautiful environment. I share simple, affordable printables you can use to create moments of connection with your children amidst the chaos of modern life.

Not sure where to start? Calendars are my favorite tool for establishing easy morning routines with your little ones first thing every day.

I create these materials with these things in mind:

  • Time is our most precious commodity
  • Rhythm, ritual, and routine are the cornerstones of a secure childhood
  • Handwork is the most meaningful work
  • A beautiful environment grows beautiful children
  • All children deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things
About me. I'm Lori Oster, your head Luftmensch.

I'm a calendarist, an amateur horologist, a costume designer, and an educator.

By day, I'm an English professor in a community college. My work there focuses on creating a culture of membership that supports all students, regardless of their background and prior experiences, as they work to pursue their academic goals.

My work as an academic and an artist is focused on one singular goal: to support others as they work to create lives filled with moments of meaningful connection every single day.

I'm inspired to create artful materials that help us protect the innocence and beauty of childhood, and that encourage us to slow down and connect as we move through each day. It's a radical thing to resist hustle culture nowadays, and I hope you'll join me in the resistance!

Luftmensch Designs is *almost* a one-woman show. All of the digital art you see here is designed, created, and distributed exclusively by me. My husband and my son work with me in production, packing, and delivery of my printed items. 

Thank you so much for visiting Luftmensch Designs. I hope you find something special to bring into your home today.