Bundle! Giant Montessori Wall Calendar & Trackers!

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This is the ultimate Montessori wall calendar and tracker set!

This bundle comes with:

  • A giant Montessori-themed wall calendar that comes with so many components (see below for details)
  • 9 visual trackers (and growing! You'll receive every new tracker I add to the bundle in the future!)
  • 50" linear/beam calendar
  • 8" x 10" Montessori school-year calendar

I think of this calendar as a visual homage to the brilliance that is the Montessori Method. This is a huge 24" x 36" Montessori-themed wall calendar with matching trackers and a desk calendar. The font and font colors, as well as some of the imagery I chose to include, will delight your Montessori students with its familiarity.

As of today, your calendar comes with NINE trackers that fit perfectly along each side of your calendar, as well as my 8" x 10" Montessori-themed school year calendar.

***This is a digital download only, no physical items will be mailed to you***

This calendar is a living document!

This means that I will be updating and adding new items to it on an ongoing basis, and once you buy it, you get access to all of the new items forever. I will be creating more special days and holiday cards, and of course I'll be making new trackers to fit alongside your calendar since trackers are my specialty.

Let's be friends on Instagram! I love seeing my designs in action, and I post lots of sales, freebies, and process updates over there.


The Wall Calendar:

★ 24" x 36" monthly calendar base featuring the days of the week in cursive text to complement the movable alphabet

★ 12 signs of the Gregorian months, 24" x 3.8" in size. Each sign features movable alphabet style cursive with a watercolor design to represent the month

★ Two signs to indicate last month and the next month, sized to fit on either side of the large month signs

★ 12 small versions of the monthly signs (5" x 2.8") to place onto the "Last month was" and "Next month will be" signs

★ 31 cards designed to look like the hanging bead stair materials to indicate the days of the month

★ Standard number squares to indicate the days of the month in case you don't want to use the bead stair cards

★ One yellow watercolor star with "today" on it to indicate the current day

★ Four birthday markers designed to look like the Montessori birthday celebration star and candle with space to write the name and age of the birthday child in Vis-a-Vis marker (if laminated) and watercolor style number candles and four watercolor cupcakes to use as birthday markers

92 Special Day Cards to mark holidays and special days. (You can find a current full list of cards, as well as pictures of each card, here.) These cards are 2.3" x 3.5", the perfect size for small hands to hold. There are so many ways to use these cards in extension work with your students.

Blank Special Day Cards so you can create your own, if you'd like. These are especially fun to make with your students.

The Trackers

(Click a link for more details)

Weather Tracker

Lunar Phase and Cycle Tracker

Seasons Tracker

Days of the Week Tracker

Parts of the Day Tracker

10 Day Countdown Tracker

School Year Tracker

Temperature and Dressing Tracker

Individual Calendar Board

50" Long Linear/Beam Calendar

***Please note: This is a digital download only. No physical goods will be sent to you.***

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